2017-2018 Lebanon Trail PTSA Board Election is April 27th. 


2017-2018 LTHS PTSA Slate of Officers

President- Rose Crayton

1st VP Membership – Grace Wang

2nd VP Programs – Melissa Wardell

3rd VP Communications – Kim Hampton

Secretary – Shannon Thornton

Treasurer – Stephanie Forester


Elections will be held at the PTSA General Meeting at 6:30 pm on April 27, 2017 at LTHS.


Lebanon Trail High School PTSA

General Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2017

6:00 pm

· Call to Order at 6:03 pm by President Rose Crayton &quorum was established.

· Secretary Report – Shannon Thornton

Approval of Minutes from 11/17/16- minutes were approved as read.

· Principal’s Report – Dr. Devin Padavil

Shared student achievements

· Treasurer’s Report – Stephanie Forester

Financial Report

§ Beginning Balance $5,017.26 and Ending Balance $6,192.16

§ Jennifer Light moved to increase Fundraising by $200 and Hospitality by $150, and decrease Programs by $350. The motion was seconded. Discussion was held and the motion carried.

· Officer/Chair Reports

Membership – Rose, for Laura Blackbourn

We have received a few more members to include the mayor of Frisco. Continue recruiting.

Four teachers away from the Golden Apple award.

Programs – Karin Sinnathamby

Dollars & $ense program will be presented tonight

Fundraising - Rose for Tisha Harris

“Candygrams” was a fundraiser in February

Hospitality – Sherri Butler

Valentines table was a huge success

Teacher Appreciation is in May; hoping to do something every day during the week

Council Delegate – Jennifer Light

Going to the Capitol in Austin to represent us

You can still sign up to go

Faculty Liaison- Lucy Miller

Thank you for the wonderful Valentine table

Student Liaison- Vasundara Srivatsun

QR Codes for suggestions in lieu of a suggestion box

SAGE – Rose, for Sharmina Zaidi

Working on Diversability program the week of May 8 and will need volunteers

Send ideas about inclusion to Sharmina

· New Business

Nominating Committee needs three people and one alternate. Shannon Thornton, Jennifer Light, Laura Blackburn and Melissa Wardell as an alternate. Stephanie Forester moved to accept these people for the Nominating Committee. Motion was seconded. Discussion was held and the motion carried.

· Upcoming Dates

April 27 is next General Meeting

We will have a Board Meeting in March

White Ribbon week is the week of May 8

Dollars and Sense Program was shared by Heather Ashwell-Hair.

Meeting Adjourned following the program.



    DOLLARS & $ENSE   
   February 23, 2017
         6:30 PM
 LTHS Lecture Hall - Room 200
--69% of parents fell less prepared to give their teens advice on   investing, than on the "birds and the bees".
--34% ostudents report they "never" or "only when necessary" talk to their parent about money.

Join us to start your child on the road to success with information and attitudes towards money that most adults had to learn the hard way.
Program is designed for both parents and students and will follow General Meeting at 6 PM.   

  • Call to Order & Establish Quorum
  • Secretary's Report
  • President's Report
  • Principal's Report
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Chair Reports
  • New Business
  • Announcements
  • Upcoming Dates
  • Adjournment
Lebanon Trail High PTSA
General Meeting Minutes
September 29, 2016 - 7:00pm


Call to Order at 7:02pm by President Rose Crayton & quorum was established.  Katherine Burch was appointed Parliamentarian. 
Secretary Report – Shannon Thornton 
    Approval of Board Minutes from 5/23/16- minutes were read and approved as read.   Approval of Special Board Meeting Minutes  8/10/16- minutes were         made available to the members and were approved as presented. 
 President’s Report – Rose Crayton
             Introduction of New Board Members – Alex Patron Historian; Sharmina Zaidi SAGE; Katherine Burch Parent Liaison; Vasundara Srivatsan Student
        Liaison; Laura Hambry Healthy Lifestyles; Jarren Lyden Environmental Chair. We are looking for more board members to fill positions.    
Principal’s Report – Dr. Devin Padavil

­   GPA is updated at the end of first semester.  School dedication was very special. 

Treasurer’s Report – Stephanie Forester

 Financial Report   Beginning Balance $1720.47 and Ending Balance $4728.97.  Filed for audit.   Proposed Budget Amendments (see attached).  Laura Hamby moved to accept the proposed budget amendments as presented.  The motion was seconded and discussion was held.  Motion carried.

 ·         Officer/Chair Reports and Plans of Work

Membership – Laura Blackbourn   

We have 184 members thus far.  

         Programs – Karin Sinnathamby

Media Madness November 17.  Requested Dollars and Sense for students.

 Communications – Melissa Wardell

Website is complete.  Link on LTHS webpage.  Presence on FB and Twitter.

Fundraising/Spirit Wear – Tisha Harris

Spirit Night is October 11 at Mooyah

Hospitality – Tracey Grenier for Sherri Butler

Thanks for your support of teacher breakfast.  December 16 is Holiday Luncheon, probably a soup fest.  February 14 will be a teacher dessert table.  Teacher appreciation week will be next celebration.

Volunteer – Tracey Grenier

 A great list is being formed

Healthy Lifestyles – Laura Hamby

Shared ideas about workshops and food fairs

Council Delegate – Rose Crayton 

Open Chair Positions: Council Delegate, Campus Dads, Faculty Liaison

Rally Day at the Dome is February 17, 2017 in Austin.  Get involved. 

Dr. Padavil shared information on upcoming legislation 

·         Special Committee Reports-

­ Melissa Wardell read the Financial Reconciliation Committee Report.  Tracey Grenier moved to accept it as read.  The motion was seconded and discussed.  The motion carried.

·         New Business          

­ Small World Angel Project 

·         Announcements

­   Rose thanked everyone for attending the meeting and is open to suggestions.

­   Be an ambassador, have your student join.

·         Upcoming Dates
         November 17th - General Meeting & Program,  “Media Madness”@ 7:00 PM

­ Teacher Luncheon – December 16, 2016

·         Adjournment at 7:27pm
Welcome to the website of the Lebanon Trail Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)!

This is a year of many ‘firsts’ for Lebanon Trail High School! It is an exciting time for the first class and I am honored to serve as the first PTSA president. The PTSA Board and I look forward to laying a positive foundation as we work together to begin a legacy that makes LTHS an exemplary school!

Our aim is to bring families together at school to build collaborative relationships and support student success, all while enriching children's education and overall well-being. Simply stated, we want to create the best possible learning experience for our students and provide outstanding training programs for our parents and teachers while advocating for every child.

As the name suggests, we are an organization made up of parents, teachers and students! We welcome and need your involvement to make LTHS a great place to learn and develop. We can’t do this without active involvement from all stakeholders.

I want to personally extend an invitation for all parents and students to join the LTHS PTSA. Principal Padavil has challenged the LTHS staff to accomplish100% participation; I challenge all families to do the same. That would truly be a remarkable first! I especially encourage our students to get involved. What better way to embrace the LTHS spirit of ‘self-advocacy’ than to join the PTSA and let your voice and needs be heard! Join today at http://www.joinpta.org.

In addition, for families who are able to make an additional monetary donation, we ask that you contribute to our “Write-A-Check” Fundraising campaign. We are hoping to keep our fundraising efforts as simple as possible for our families. We're asking for a one-time, tax-deductible donation of $50 per family to help fund our college scholarship endowment and educational enrichment programs for the students. If that's beyond your budget, please don't hesitate to send in a lesser amount. Any donation is appreciated! Please send your check payable to LTHS PTSA to the school office. Envelopes are also available in the school office.

Families, teachers, and staff are the backbone of our community at Lebanon Trail. We want family involvement to become a long tradition at our school and one of its greatest strengths. PTSA is a place for your ideas and we look forward to your collaboration and support this year. We encourage you to look for opportunities to volunteer and share your experience and talents. Small or big commitment – there is a place for you!

We hope that you will commit in making a difference in the lives of children by getting involved and joining today.

Rose Crayton

President, LTHS PTSA 2016-17                                                                                     lthspstapresident@gmail.com


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